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What’s the right landscape truck for your landscape business?

Choosing the right truck for your business is an important decision.

Here’s some helpful tips on what type of landscape truck is right for your business from a commercial truck expert.

As an account executive at TruckMax, Miami’s largest commercial truck dealer, I have been in the commercial truck business for over 15 years in South Florida and seen all types commercial truck applications.

If you have been in the landscaping industry in South Florida for any amount of time, by now you know that while we do have an actual landscape season, we are very fortunate in South Florida that ours happen to last for a good part of the year.

For those that are new to the business and starting to grow, one of the first and most important decisions to make is what type of landscape truck to invest in for your business.

In this post I’ll try to cover some valuable tips on what to look for and I’ll add some example photos as well.

When it comes to what questions to ask and what to look for when purchasing a landscape truck, here are a some things to consider.

The two most important overall items:
1. The Cab and Chassis (what manufacturer, GVW, what type of fuel consumption, payload capacity, engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, etc.)
2. Body application (landscape dump body – aluminum or steel, flatbed dump body with or without stakesides, a dovetail ramp, a dry box with inside tool racks and dovetail ramp, and on and on.

So let’s start with the cab. There are obviously numerous manufacturers and unless your new to the business, most people have an idea of what they like, but just in case you don’t, here’s a little bit of info.

At TruckMax, we happen to be an authorized dealer for a few of the top names in the medium duty commercial truck business, however, don’t be discouraged if the manufacturer you had in mind isn’t one of them because we can also fit numerous other manufacturers’ cabs to a custom made landscape body designed specifically for your company’s needs. We’ll get more in to that a bit later.

Here are a few of the more popular medium duty truck manufacturers that are excellent choices for landscapers:

• Isuzu
• Mitsubishi Fuso
• Hino

The Isuzu Medium Duty N-Series truck (NPR, NQR, NRR, Ecomax, HD and XD) has been the most popular medium duty landscape truck since the mid 80’s and for good reason. Isuzu has consistently built an incredible, high quality, durable and dependable truck with a low cost of ownership. What many people not in the industry may be unaware of, is that GMC and Chevrolet have also built the exact same Isuzu N-Series truck with the exact same Isuzu diesel engine and branded them as a W-Series truck. So you can enjoy the same quality in an American made truck and in some cases pay a little less for it. All offer a gas or diesel engine option.

Mitsubishi Fuso (known as Fuso) and Hino (manufactured by TOYOTA) are also excellent options for a high quality, reliable truck as an option for a landscape truck. Of all of the Japanese manufacturers, Fuso is the only one that manufactures a 4×4 if that’s an option you want for your truck.

When you visit a commercial truck dealer to buy a landscape truck a few of the points of discussion will be similar to purchasing a car, but many will be new. After the obvious things like buying new or used, reliability, consider the following:


Isuzu Crew Cab Landscape Truck

Isuzu Landscape Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso (Fuso) Crew Cab Landscape Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso Landscape Truck

Hino Cab and Chassis

Hino Cab and Chassis

Babco Landscape Dump Truck Body

Babco Landscape Body

• Fuel consumption
• Warranty options (on new or used landscape trucks)
• Visibility
• Turning radius
• Preventative maintenance (service and maintenance plans for your truck)

• Does it meet DOT requirements
• Brake and suspension type (if the truck has air brakes a CDL is required)
• Engine type (gas or diesel) (4, 6 or 8 cylinder)
• In cab comfort (A/C, Radio, in cab controls, etc)
• GVW (over 26,001 lbs requires a CDL or hazardous materials)

So, hopefully this information will be helpful when it comes time to buy your first landscape truck or even if you’re adding another truck to your fleet and have been in the landscaping business for years.
As I mentioned earlier, at TruckMax, we are an authorized commercial truck dealer, but I didn’t mention which manufacturers or how we can add a custom fit body to the cab of your choice, so let me touch on that just briefly. Fortunately for me, I happen to work at one of South Florida’s largest commercial truck dealerships. We have 4 locations, spanning from Ft. Pierce to Homestead and we are expanding and will be opening another location soon (we’ll keep you posted).

We are the #1 Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, Hino and Volvo commercial truck dealer in South Florida. Babco Engineering (a TruckMax subsidiary) is one of the leading commercial truck body manufacturers in South Florida, fabricating incredibly high quality landscape bodies in aluminum and steel, dump truck bodies, flatbeds and any other custom type of application to suit the specific needs a landscaper might have.

When you call or come in to TruckMax, I’ll discuss your specific business in detail to find out what truck and body specs are right for your business. Things like what you’ll be carrying in the truck, whether you’ll be hauling trash or debris in the truck or in a trailer (payload and towing capacity questions) and other important deciding factors.

We are then able to combine the best trucks in the medium duty truck industry with the best landscape bodies and we back it with the best service and vehicle support, allowing you to keep your truck running at peak performance and help your business continue to grow.

Here are some examples of new landscape trucks and used landscape trucks with aluminum and steel bodies.

If you would like more information on landscape trucks and what TruckMax can do to help your business grow, contact me, Mandy Alvarez directly at 305-777-9020 and I’ll be glad to help.

I’ll be posting other information on utility trucks, flatbeds, refrigerated trucks and box trucks (also known as dry vans) shortly so check our news section regularly.

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