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TruckMax Installation Department

Our installation department has been providing almost 20 Years of experience and dedication to our customers. When quality and experience matter, give us the opportunity to give you a professional installation and the service you deserve.
We specialize in Jerr-Dan equipment and many others. Our department is equipped and specialized to handle any request. We hope you give our ‪#‎TruckMax‬ installation team the chance to provide you with our experience and dedication.
Some of the products we custom install are: On deck and under body Go jacks, aluminum and Steel self-loading dollies, custom lighting, etc.

Nuestro equipo esta comprometido con el éxito y la completa satisfaccion al cliente, sirviendo con su experiencia por aproximadamente 20 años. Y cuando de experiencia se trata, contamos con la oportunidad de brindarle la instalación y el servicio professional que usted merece.
Estamos especializados en equipos Jerr-Dan y otros, contando con el equipamiento para

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